I started a Youtube Channel!

Starting a Youtube channel has been on my to do list since 2017. My goal was to start it while I was in Korea, and that would have been the perfect place to do so, but I kept making excuses. I always thought I needed better tools, or a better apartment. Even when I moved into the perfect apartment, I still didn’t make time for it. Now that I think of all of the amazing things I could have made a video about, I get kind of upset with myself. I had some pretty amazing experiences while in Korea, but I am sure that I will have even more amazing experiences while here in Greece. Whenever this worldwide shut down is over, I’ll be able to make even more content. For now, please checkout my current videos. I want my channel to be informational, inspirational, and entertaining. I want to be a big sister/auntie to the younger generation through my channel, but also inspire women my own age and older to go after their goals. Below is the link to my first video and I will have new uploads every Monday! Please, like, share, comment, and subscribe. Thanks for all the support!!

My first official Youtube video!

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