2021: My Slice of Humble Pie

2021: My Slice of Humble Pie

I wrote the title of this post and then pondered deeply on the thought of 2021 being my “slice of humble pie”. On the outside looking in, it wasn’t a bad year for me. I bought a brand new house on an island that most people never even heard of. I’m the Cyber Systems Outstanding Noncommissioned Officer of the Year out of all the bases in the Pacific Command. However, along with those great accomplishments I also experienced betrayal, body image issues (weight gain), living without the internet for months, not having my household goods delivered until 22 November, death in the family, and a whole bunch of other things.

This year has reiterated what I’ve already known. You have to take the good with the bad. Life isn’t going to always be sunshine and rainbows all of the time. You can be up one day and down the next. Your clothes can fit perfectly one year and the next year they can make you feel like a whale. Your skin is flawless one day and look like a Crunch bar the next, but those times are when you discover the real you. Do you fold or do you continue to show up for yourself and the people around you?

I am proud to say that I did not fold. I still showed up to work with a great attitude even though I was having the worst acne breakouts of my life, at age 30 by the way. I continued to go to the gym and figure out different ways to accommodate these newfound curves that I have. After my breakup, I was out there meeting new people and not being a bitter woman. I now have this new mantra to love myself at each stage. I may not be as skinny as I used to be, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not worthy. As long as I’m healthy, that’s all that matters. I still got an excellent score on my PT test which was something that the 20-year-old airman didn’t do. My house is finally coming along. I enjoy decorating and making this place feel like home and my personal sanctuary, which is something that I’ve never done before. The vibe in my house is so nice and chill, trust me.

2021 has taught me a lot about myself. Chapter 30 brought out the big guns, but I’m thankful. I’m ready for this next chapter of my life and I’m open to all of the new lessons that it will bring. I doubted myself for a little bit this year, but not anymore. With my new year right around the corner, great things are on the horizon.

I started a Youtube Channel!

I started a Youtube Channel!

Starting a Youtube channel has been on my to do list since 2017. My goal was to start it while I was in Korea, and that would have been the perfect place to do so, but I kept making excuses. I always thought I needed better tools, or a better apartment. Even when I moved into the perfect apartment, I still didn’t make time for it. Now that I think of all of the amazing things I could have made a video about, I get kind of upset with myself. I had some pretty amazing experiences while in Korea, but I am sure that I will have even more amazing experiences while here in Greece. Whenever this worldwide shut down is over, I’ll be able to make even more content. For now, please checkout my current videos. I want my channel to be informational, inspirational, and entertaining. I want to be a big sister/auntie to the younger generation through my channel, but also inspire women my own age and older to go after their goals. Below is the link to my first video and I will have new uploads every Monday! Please, like, share, comment, and subscribe. Thanks for all the support!!

My first official Youtube video!

Something’s Changed

Something’s Changed

Hey y’all! So, recently I have been feeling really happy lately. Like something has definitely shifted in my life. I am receiving love and positive attention from every angle. Things are going great at work, I have people in my life that love and appreciate me. Strangers even take the time out to tell me how special I am. So what really changed? What brought about all this positive energy? 

I know what changed. My mindset, my outlook on life. I know it may seem like I have always been this positive person, and that’s true but we all have our own insecurities, and that includes me. Nowadays, I am more secure in myself and my abilities. I don’t stress about how I look, if people will like me, how much money I make, etc. I just know that everything will work out for me in the end. I am vibrating on a frequency of love and happiness because that’s how I truly feel. Since I give that energy out to the world, that is what I am receiving. 

As a woman, I automatically possess this divine power, but being a black woman makes it even more special. Being in Korea has made me realize that. To a lot of people, I am this exotic being. I get so many stares and looks that I don’t even notice it anymore until one of my friends points it out. When you live in your own little world of peace and love, you tend to block all of that out, at least I do. I just want to do my best to continue to live a life that others look up to and to inspire the next generation in my own special way. 


So, it’s been awhile!!

So, it’s been awhile!!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on my blog, and I just wanted to catch you up on some things that have been going on with me. If you follow me on social media, you have seen how busy Korea has been keeping me. This PCS was a blessing that I didn’t know I needed. Since I’ve been here my credit has gone up, I’m more confident, I’ve gotten to know myself better, and overall I am just happy with the woman I’m becoming. My last blog post was about me getting fit, and I did just that. I got the best score on my Air Force Fitness Test that I’ve gotten in my entire Korea. I think not having a car in Korea and working out consistently really helped. I was surprised at myself when I heard my scores.

I’ve also made some new friends, explored Korea a lot, and even won an award at work. Things have been really great here for me these past ten months. Most people would be preparing to leave here around this time, but I still have 14 months left. My first international vacation while being in Korea is going to be to the Philippines. I’m excited to visit, although it was never on my list of places to see, but why not? I may actually start vlogging while I’m there, but we shall see. This was just meant to be a quick post since I haven’t written in a while. I have a lot of new ideas for 2019. I just hope that I can keep up with myself because I’m barely making it now with my jam-packed schedule, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Life is great!

It’s 2018!!!

It’s 2018!!!

Happy New Year!!!

I am so excited for 2018!! I just think that so many great things are going to happen this year, and I am ready for it. I started writing down my goals for this year weeks ago. I usually like to start my New Year’s Resolution on my birthday. My birthday is so close to New Year’s Day anyway that I can get away with it, and technically that’s really when the new year starts for me. For this new year, I brought it in alone in my apartment. I usually am out partying with friends, but this year I decided to do things differently. The offer was there, but I wasn’t in the mood for partying. I wanted to have an even better head start on my goals for the New Year.

This year I wrote down my goals and split them up into three categories: work goals, professional goals, and personal goals. One may say that work goals and professional goals are the same thing, but for me they’re not. My job has nothing to do with what I want to do for the rest of my life. However, it does allow me to keep my bills paid, and it is paying for me to go to college, so I want to make sure that I excel there too. My professional life is me building my brand. Inspiring people through the “Queen Juliette” lifestyle and continuing to put out great content that not only helps other, but helps me as well. My personal goals are different from both because that’s more of my health and wellness goals.

What are your goals for this year? If you haven’t done it already, write them down. Tell someone else about them so that they will keep you accountable too. We all have the same 24 hours in a day to make our lives whatever we want it to be. We just have to use our time wisely. I am one that struggles with time management, but this year I vow to do better.

Also, make sure that you are setting SMART goals for yourself so you won’t be disappointed. SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. This should be self explanatory, but what it means is to be deliberate about your goals and have a plan. Your goals should be based on your wants and desires, and not what other people want for you. This will stop you from having a lot of heartache. It’s way more easier to focus on something that you’re actually passionate about.

I don’t want to be too long winded, but I hope your 2018 is everything that you imagine and more! I hope that you achieve all of the SMART goals you set for yourself and that you have a prosperous year! Always remember that you’re Be-YOU-tiful and life is meant to be lived abundantly!

smart goal setting concept

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

So far I have been having a BLAST in South Korea. I am surprised that I actually like this place a lot. I arrived in country on December 8, and it feels like I’ve been here longer than that already. I am meeting a lot of great people and my co-workers seem really cool (for the most part).

Today is Christmas here, and it does not seem like it at all. This isn’t the first Christmas I’ve spent away from my family per se, but it is the first Christmas that I have been alone in another country not around any loved ones. It’s kind of weird. I try to act really tough, but it does suck seeing pictures of people with their families at this time of year. I absolutley adore my family and their craziness, and holidays are extra fun with them.

I will say that I have been taking advantage of this area so far. I have done some short trips to Seoul, South Korea. It’s a huge city, similar to NYC, and it is the capital of South Korea. Yesterday I went to the Trick Eye Museum and the Gyeongbokgung Palace. One thing I will say, is that South Koreans love to enjoy themselves. They definitely know how to have a good time. I attached some pics and videos from the Trick Eye Museum. The Love museum was also attached too, but I didn’t get to check that out that much. Enjoy!


Let it go! 

Let it go! 

If you haven’t figured it out by now, you will have disappointments your life. People that you trust, will let you down. People that you thought that you knew well, will betray you. These are just things that we as humans have to learn to live with and understand.

My life experiences have taught me that you “can’t put nothing past nobody “. That’s a little of my Gullah-Geechie coming out, but what that means is that you should never be surprised about the actions of anyone. Always expect the unexpected. People that you have known for years will do something to you or someone else that you didn’t think that they were capable of doing. We often think that we have a great judge of character, but sometimes our emotions cloud our judgement. Trust your instincts, they’re there for a reason.

Fed Up

Fed Up

In the past two days I’ve watched two videos of black males getting executed by the police. The police who are put in place to serve and protect those very same people killed them, with little regards to their life or the lives of others around them. When is this going to stop?! I’m so tired of this bullsh*t. We as the people of this country need to all come together and step up for the injustice in this nation. I understand that crime happens everyday and cops are put in positions on a daily basis that they don’t know if they’re going to survive. But I have a problem when a routine traffic stop results in someone getting severely beaten or murdered! Wtf is wrong with America? We keep allowing these instances to happen with little to no consequences for the people at fault. Cops are just that, people, not gods. They do mess and they do abuse their power. Where is the Dr. King and the Malcolm X of my generation? Everyone just wants to be a rapper and talk about sex, drugs, and women these days instead of the issues at hand. There are literally people getting killed for no reason, no matter what race they are.

I pledge to do what I can do in my power to make a difference. To speak for those who no longer have a voice. All of the violence this week hit home for me. Alton Sterling could have been someone I knew and loved getting shot six times in the chest for selling CDs outside of a convenience store. That really breaks my heart. Everyday that I wake up and put this uniform on and incidences like this happen, it’s like a slap in the face. There are people in the military fighting for the rights and freedoms of people in American and the cops are slaying people left and right. Enough is enough! How many more people have to die in order for the leaders of this country to step up and do their job?

Lesson learned. 

Lesson learned. 

Have you ever been in a relationship where the person didn’t see your value? They treated you like you were some regular person and only showed you love when they felt like it? Well, I have. It sucked! For a while I was sticking it out because I saw the potential in that person, and hoped that they would see my value. I got into that relationship at a vulnerable point in my life. I had recently been divorced and felt lonely and did not really know if I wanted to be in a relationship in the first place. Throughout that relationship I felt like I was punishing myself for staying in it because of the wrong that I had done in my marriage.  See, I am not perfect. My marriage ended mainly because of the choices that I made. So when I was being treated shitty in my new relationship, I just sucked it up as karma. 

While I was telling my friends and family what was going on in this new relationship they reminded me of who I was and the value that I bring to any relationship. I was beating myself up because I hadn’t forgiven myself for the things that I did before, but they knew that the person I was in the past was not me. In my new relationship I was perfect. I did everything right, but it still wasn’t enough. It took me a couple months to realize that it was him, not me who had the issues. He was battling his own insecurities and took it out on me. It finally came down to him verbally disrespecting me when I called it quits. Four months of punishment was enough for me.

 I believe that everything happens for a reason. That relationship taught me a lot about what I do not want in a relationship or a man. I was trying to be the perfect person for the person that was not for me. Of course after we got out of that relationship he realized what he lost. All of the rules he had in previous breakups didn’t apply to me. He still wanted to talk and be cool, which I thought was weird at first. Then I realized that I am a great catch, and he should should be feeling stupid. He probably lost the best thing that ever happened to him. 

 I said all of that to say this, never let anyone take you for granted. If someone doesn’t see your value that doesn’t mean you lose your worth. We are all learning as we grow in life, and our past doesn’t define us. If someone doesn’t see the greatness in you, then that is there loss. Remember a diamond is still a diamond even if no one is wearing it. You’re BeYOUtiful and life is meant to be lived abundantly, don’t ever forget it. 😉

Self talk. 

I am always in constant conversation with myself. I talk to myself a lot. I’m talking real conversations out loud. Someone might catch me in the moment and think that I’m crazy. But it is important to talk to yourself and watch what you say to yourself. Our thoughts become words and our words become our reality. If you’re constantly telling yourself that you’re not good enough, or you’re too this, or not enough of that you’re already defeated. The world is going to try to knock you down already, there’s no need to do it to yourself. 

The conversations that we have with ourselves shape us into the person that we are. So start telling yourself what you want to be true in your life. Have daily affirmations that you can repeat to yourself. An affirmation is the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed. 

Here’s a list of daily affirmations you can say to yourself. 

1. I am equipped to fulfill my destiny. I am in control of my life. 

2. Today will be a great day. Positive vibes only. 

3. I am a money magnet. Money flows to me abundantly. I always have more than enough so that I am able to give more. 

4. Today I am healthy, I am full of energy, and I’m ready to take on the day. 

5. Today I will be a blessing to someone else. 

6. Many people look up to me and recognize my worth; I am admired.

7. I acknowledge my own self-worth; my confidence is soaring.

8. I am courageous and I stand up for myself. 

9. I have a happy family and wonderful friends. 

10. TODAY, I am prepared. I am prepared for success, love, happiness, peace, joy and financial abundance! I am prepared for my BIGGEST & WILDEST DREAMS to come true. I am EXPECTING opportunity & miracles to happen for me! And because I am prepared, I declare NO WEAPON, NO DRAMA, NO NEGATIVE ENERGY will prosper!!! I AM FREE to RECEIVE all the GOOD & GREATNESS that’s coming to me!!! Because TODAY I AM PREPARED & I AM READY TO RECEIVE!!!

If you haven’t heard of affirmations before, this is a good place to start. I love the last one, because it hits every major issue in my life. I hope this helps you too. Our self talk is so important, and most people don’t even realize how big of a deal it is. As always, remember that you’re beYOUtiful and life is meant to be lived abundantly!