When is enough, enough?

Everyone wants to be a baller, shot-caller right? Everyone wants to to have a lot of money and live this lavish lifestyle correct? We all know that is not the reality for most people, but some people do live the lavish lifestyle. My question is when is enough, enough? What is the amount of money that you want to make monthly, or yearly that you will be satisfied with earning the rest of your life? That number for me is $20K monthly. Once I start making $20K a month I’ll be content. That means I would need to make four times the amount of money that I make now. I personally know people that make that type of money, and they still aren’t content. They still strive to get to the next level.

To me it seems like everybody is so busy hustling and not living. Sometimes it’s good to just sit back for a minute and appreciate what you do have before it’s gone. Sometimes we focus on the future so much that we forget the right now. What are you doing in your life right now that is making you happy? You can always plan for the future, but you still have to live in the present. This is one topic that I struggle with myself all the time. It’s so easy to be greedy, and I believe alot of people are. If you’re a greedy person no amount of money will ever be enough for you. If you are not using your resources to help others anyway, then what’s the point?

Just Jump!!

Just Jump!!

Have you ever heard that “doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will”? I have heard that time and time again within the past two and a half years. Taking the first step towards your dreams is something that is very hard to do. Most people are afraid of failure, but a lot of people don’t believe in themselves, so they don’t even give themselves a chance to fail. I have struggled with this myself. It’s easy to stick to what you know and stay in your comfort zone. It’s so scary to put yourself out there, because you don’t know what to expect.

The first big jump that I made in my adult life was joining the Air Force. It seemed like everyone that was graduating high school with me was going to college. I had plans on going to college after high school myself, and never even thought of the military. The plan was to join the reserves and have them pay for my college. That plan fell through because it was hard for me to get back and forth from the reservist recruiter that was an hour and a half away. I decided to just take the leap of faith and go active duty. Thank God I had four years of JROTC experience under my belt, which helped me earn some extra rank upon enlisting. Basic military training was the hardest thing that I had to do at that time of my life. I remember wanting to quit in the second week. BMT was only 8.5 weeks long. Going to church while I was there is the main reason why I kept pushing, and I didn’t want to let my family down. Fast forward six years later, that was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Because of the Air Force I was able to live in Europe for three years, visit about 13 countries while I was there, and purchase my first home at the age of 22. If I had never jumped and just followed the crowd I wouldn’t be where I am today.

My question to you is what is holding you back from making that big decision in your life, or following your dreams? Why aren’t you jumping? I’ve learned that the parachute opens on your way down, but it won’t ever open if you don’t jump. I never would have thought that this would be my life. I’ve gone through so much in such a little time; I could write a book. Every experience that I’ve gone through has shaped me into the woman who I am today. Since that first jump of joining the Air Force, I’ve jumped many more times. They never get easier, I just get better at it. You can do the same thing. As always, remember that you are BeYOUtiful and life is meant to be lived abundantly. You’ll never reach abundance if you don’t jump.