Is 30 Really the New 20?!

I know I’m not the first person to hear that, and since I have just started the 30th chapter of my life, I’m about to find out! My 20s have been an amazing roller coaster. I’ve learned and grown so much since entering “adulthood” on my 18th birthday. It’s crazy how fast time flies. I remember turning 18 and having this whole vision of what my life was going to be like. I knew that I was going to join the Air Force, and do that for a few years or so. The plan was to use the Air Force to pay for college and then go on my merry way in whatever field that I got my degree in. Boy did my plans change quickly! On my 18th birthday, you could have never told me that I was going to be married at 19 and living overseas in Germany and that I would lose my mother at 20. I wouldn’t have believed that I would be purchasing my own home in Florida at 22, and divorced by 24. Who would have known that I would find myself in different entanglements and living in South Korea for two years then back to Europe to live in Greece for a year? My 18-year-old self wouldn’t have been able to imagine any of this. But that has been my life, and despite all of the ups and downs, it has been amazing.

Now I am a 30-year-old woman who is more self-assured and confident than ever. I don’t even want to be referred to as Queen anymore, but Goddess. I have noticed how my presence is more goddess-like than queen like over the past few years. Some people are completely enchanted with me off of one conversation. I used to think that it was so crazy when I did not know that power I possessed, but now I have some insight. I am more in touch with my feminity and what it means to be a divine woman. I still don’t know all the answers, but I am the process of learning what that truly means. What I do know is my worth. I know that I am love and deserved to be loved and cared for in the highest regard. I do know that I make the lives of people around me better, and not worse. I do know that I have a great value and offer much to this world. Most times I just need to get out of my own way to let it manifest.

In this next chapter of my life, I plan on it being absolutely amazing and inspirational. I know I have others looking up to me and they are expecting me to win so that they know that they are capable of winning too. I have people following in my footsteps that I cannot let down, and I will not let down. I am so happy and proud of the woman that I have become. I plan to continue to spread love, light, and abundance while I manifest my wildest dreams!

Happy New Year!

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