Life Post Quarantine

All of a sudden 2020 got busy as hell for me. Things started off kind of crazy at the beginning of the year, then got really slow during quarantine, but it is ramping back up for me. Greece is officially open, so that means that I have been working full time again and doing my best to explore this island that I’m on. On top of that, I started my first class for my master’s degree. I’m currently attending Liberty University and I’m majoring in Masters of Business Administration. So far I am in the third week of the class, and I’m doing well, but I feel the stress. I also should be studying for the Project Management Professional certification, but I have yet to start doing that. I am doing that all while trying to maintain a relationship, a social life, and stay consistent on my Youtube channel. Other than that, life’s great! How are you doing post quarantine?

Life Update Youtube video

My Lit Weekend in Greece Youtube video

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