Small Circle. 

Remember back in high school when the number of people that knew you and called you friend was a popular thing? Back then the more friends we had the merrier, because it showed that we were more accepted by our peers. Fast forward to almost nine years later for me, my views on that have changed. Even when I was in high school, I knew a lot of people and hang out with different groups, but I didn’t consider everyone my friend. These days the amount of people that I consider friend is even smaller. Just because you know someone, doesn’t make them your friend.

You really have to evaluate the people around you and take inventory. Are the people you call friend supportive of your goals and aspirations? Do they just hang out/talk to you when it’s convenient for them? Do they take an active role in your interests, or do they just cheer from the sidelines? Much like bad relationships, bad friendships can hold you back too.

It is awesome when you find people in your life that you can truly trust and confide in. A friendship is something that we as humans need, sometimes that type of relationship is more important than an intimate relationship. I am thankful for the true friends that I have in my life. We may not talk everyday, but the love is always there. Whenever we do speak it’s like we never missed a beat. That’s what friendship is all about.


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