Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

So far I have been having a BLAST in South Korea. I am surprised that I actually like this place a lot. I arrived in country on December 8, and it feels like I’ve been here longer than that already. I am meeting a lot of great people and my co-workers seem really cool (for the most part).

Today is Christmas here, and it does not seem like it at all. This isn’t the first Christmas I’ve spent away from my family per se, but it is the first Christmas that I have been alone in another country not around any loved ones. It’s kind of weird. I try to act really tough, but it does suck seeing pictures of people with their families at this time of year. I absolutley adore my family and their craziness, and holidays are extra fun with them.

I will say that I have been taking advantage of this area so far. I have done some short trips to Seoul, South Korea. It’s a huge city, similar to NYC, and it is the capital of South Korea. Yesterday I went to the Trick Eye Museum and the Gyeongbokgung Palace. One thing I will say, is that South Koreans love to enjoy themselves. They definitely know how to have a good time. I attached some pics and videos from the Trick Eye Museum. The Love museum was also attached too, but I didn’t get to check that out that much. Enjoy!


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