It is so easy to get distracted from your goals these days, it’s not even funny. I honestly believe that distractions are from the devil. Staying focused and consistent are two very important elements when it comes to being successful. I am still learning how to stay focused and consistent on my goals without being distracted. Oddly enough, relationships for me are very distracting. I tend to focus on the person that I’m with more than my goal by trying to make them happy. Word of advice, don’t do that. If you’re in a relationship with someone a) you should know each other’s goals, and b) you should be encouraging each other to reach those goals. If you’re with a person that doesn’t respect your goals and dreams, then they probably aren’t the one for you anyway. You have to set boundaries within your relationship, so that you can still be the best person that you can be.

Achieving your goals is a very full filling feeling. The main reason why we set goals is to feel accomplished. As I reflect on this past year, I realize that I was distracted alot and did not complete some goals that I set for myself. Ultimately, that’s my own fault. It would be really selfish to blame my shortcomings on someone else. Now that I know what things throw me off my path, I can make a conscious effort to avoid those distractions.

It’s all a learning process. I’m not the same person that I was a year ago, or even the beginning of this year. I have been growing daily, and learning more about myself. I have already started planning my goals for next year. I want to get a head start on the things that I want to accomplish. Preparation is key. We can have anything we want in life. We just have to do what’s necessary to get it, and that ultimately means no excuses, and no distractions.

What are your goals? Has something, or someone been distracting you from achieving those goals? Are you aware of your distractions, or are you getting in your own way? Now is the time to plan that beYOUtiful life that you see for yourself. Make the necessary preparations now, and the future will be even better.

2 thoughts on “Distractions.

  1. You’re absolutely correct that it’s easy to be distracted from our goals to the point where we lose valuable time being caught up in something that causes us to be stagnant. A friend of mine told me that he dealt with the same thing of being so distracted in a relationship that all his time and energy is focused on that person and they never get anything done, but I’m glad to hear you’re constantly growing and have learned from the past. Every day is a new day to learn something new about the world around us and about ourselves

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  2. Thank you Xavier! Relationships are definitely work, and if you’re not on the same page with your significant other, then it can definitely hinder things for you. That’s why I said that boundaries have to be set, and both of you have to have something going for yourself. Every day is definitely a chance to learn something new. I appreciate your thoughts!


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