Queen 👸🏾

Queen 👸🏾

I call myself queen because I feel that I am so. I believe that I am a descendant of a bloodline of royalty tracing back to West Africa. Of course, I do not know that as fact, but it is what I perceive to be true, and my 23andme ancestry results said that I am 89% West African. With all of the injustice among black people and the racist remarks coming from some white people, it has had me digging and searching for answers. I recently started watching the Roots series on Hulu. It was so hard for me to watch that I could not even finish the first episode. They way that people treat people is cruel. Slavery is something that I do not think African Americans should ever get over, just like Jews should never get over the Holocaust, and Native Americans should never get over the killing of their people.

At some point, we as a people and a nation have to realize that the things that happened in the past have a domino effect. Just because I was not alive during slavery and the civil rights movement, does not mean that I don’t feel the pain from those times now. When you learn about your history and what your ancestors endured, it stings. It hurts. It is painful.

The things that are happening today in America with the police brutality, black on black crime, and the prison system shows me that we still have a long way to go as a nation. Everyone isn’t treated equally. Money talks in this country, and if you don’t have money then you’re expected to shut your mouth and comply. It’s another way to control people.

I will say that there are way more opportunities now then there was back in the day for black people, and people in general.  If you want to change your life or the lives of others around you, the time is now. You have to open your mind to new opportunities. To change, you must change. If you keep complaining and doing the same thing, you’re going to keep getting the same results.

Once I started to address myself as a queen, things around me began to change. People started treating me and addressing me as such also. When I changed my mindset and started to elevate myself to that level of a queen, opportunities showed up all around me. I expect the best. Therefore, I get the best. There is nothing wrong with holding yourself to a higher standard.