Fed Up

In the past two days I’ve watched two videos of black males getting executed by the police. The police who are put in place to serve and protect those very same people killed them, with little regards to their life or the lives of others around them. When is this going to stop?! I’m so tired of this bullsh*t. We as the people of this country need to all come together and step up for the injustice in this nation. I understand that crime happens everyday and cops are put in positions on a daily basis that they don’t know if they’re going to survive. But I have a problem when a routine traffic stop results in someone getting severely beaten or murdered! Wtf is wrong with America? We keep allowing these instances to happen with little to no consequences for the people at fault. Cops are just that, people, not gods. They do mess and they do abuse their power. Where is the Dr. King and the Malcolm X of my generation? Everyone just wants to be a rapper and talk about sex, drugs, and women these days instead of the issues at hand. There are literally people getting killed for no reason, no matter what race they are.

I pledge to do what I can do in my power to make a difference. To speak for those who no longer have a voice. All of the violence this week hit home for me. Alton Sterling could have been someone I knew and loved getting shot six times in the chest for selling CDs outside of a convenience store. That really breaks my heart. Everyday that I wake up and put this uniform on and incidences like this happen, it’s like a slap in the face. There are people in the military fighting for the rights and freedoms of people in American and the cops are slaying people left and right. Enough is enough! How many more people have to die in order for the leaders of this country to step up and do their job?

One thought on “Fed Up

  1. I have finally got a chance to look at your blog I love it I agree 100% with you and if in anyway I can help you please lwt me know #alllivesmatter


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